Guangzhou Goodwill Agriculture Co., Ltd


Main business: technology development, product registration, imports and exports, repackaging and distribution of pesticide and fertilizer.


Goodwill company has 4 departments, sales, repackaging factory, technology support, office affairs (such as product registered in agricultural ministry, import, and so on), there are over 25 staff in our company.


Our ability

Our senior managers, who formerly worked at a well-known company (which has the sole agency for some products from Griffin, ICI, Dupont, UPL , PROSOL USA), have more than 10 years’ experience of copper fungicide, water soluble fertilizer, and other pesticides like mancozeb, glyphosate, chorpyriphos, flusilazole, etc. these two years, we focused on some new fertilizer from Europe, USA, like seaweed, humic acid.


In the aspect of technology promotion service, we unit such as Chinese grape associations, Fujian branch, Guangxi citrus institute, to do some work like product introduction, field efficacy trials, and technical training among farmers. There are also some technical advisors from basic agriculture service unit in all of China’s major market. All aims at constructing powerful technical supporting system.

At the same time, we have been cooperating with Medias and make use of internet to promote the technology and our brand.


Our factory has more than 10 years ‘experiences of repackaging fertilizer and pesticide, includes granule, powder, liquid formulation.


Our marketing networks cover the whole country; we have salespeople or distributor in our 20 provinces.

By paying high attention to the development of key market, like citrus area in Guangxi, melon area in Zhejiang, vegetable and mango area in Hainan, greenhouse vegetable area in Shandong, potato in Neimenggu, we have powerful provincial-level distributor, and we also focused on supporting county-level dealers or large farms buyers.


Our important partner and product:

UPL: Devrinol, mancozeb, copper sulfate basic

PROSOL USA: NPK, micronutrients, water soluble powder

Adama: copper hydroxide, imazalil

Albaugh USA: copper hydroxide

SICO: seaweed, humic acid fertilizer

SGW USA: secondary and micro-nutrients fertilizer

GFC USA: humic acid


Do any things in heart, as person in honesty is our rule, we are sincerely looking forward to cooperating with you.